I'm a programmer; not a graphic design artist. Deal with it :)

Below is an example of the JFreeApplet in action. You'll need JRE 1.3 or better to view it.

Personally, I find the easiest way to see how something works is to take something someone else has gotten working and tweak it until I understand it. Feel free to right click-> View Source and copy to your hearts content. Problems/questions, post them in the forum.

Above is a basic pie chart, with 3D turned on. The angle of the pie (e.g. how flat it is) is dependent on how tall the applet is. For example, if you want the chart to be flatter than it appears here, make the height available to the applet smaller. This may be changed in future releases.

Here, you have a basic bar chart. 3D could be enabled with a simple param tag, but I elected for this sample to show it without. Currently, the colors are determined automagically by the JFreeChart library; selectable colors may be added at a future date depending on how users prioritize their requests. For me personally, it's a relatively minor requirement.

This is a look at the dial styled chart that is still under development.

Lastly, an error message; this is what appears when the applet can't figure out what you're trying to do (e.g. you failed to select or selected an invalid chart type, as shown here)